Sunday, April 7, 2013

Bangkok Part 2

This is my 2nd day in bangkok. I went to the Wat Arun, the building is very beautiful and amazing architecture. The day was very hot, so I wear clothes that completely cover my body so that my skin does not burn. :D
Here's my style:

Love the architecture :D


Anyway, that was my style of dress when going to the Wat Arun. My clothes are very closed, right? But still chic LOL!!! :D
After Wat Arun, I went to a Platinum Fashion Mall, where there are cheap & good items to additional collection in my closet like shirts, leggings, bags, hats, etc.
Again, I could not resist the desire to shop. Oh that's women problem ..
After that, I went to Big C Hypermarket to buy Thai food and snacks. OMG I love it, it's really cheap and tasty.

Anchor Stripe Long Sleeve Shirt - Milchop
Peach Pastel Jeans - Zara
Croco Studded Bag - Korea
Orange Flats - RUBI
Beach Hat - Bali 
White Aviator - Rayban


  1. Hello from Spain: I love your outfit. It's very inspiring. Nice hat. Keep in touch

  2. loving your photos! nice outfit too, love the stripes!

  3. nice outfit and nice blog! I follow you now :)

  4. ooh i love that top! the stripes looks so good!

  5. i like your bag

    xxx Zari

  6. Great outfit! Love the stripes with the orange! These photos are beautiful! I came across your blog and am your newest follower. I would love if you’d visit me at : the daily savant : and (if you like) follow with GFC and Blog Lovin'!

    : signe

  7. halo

    where can i contact you? can you give me your email address?


    1. hello :)
      Email :

      Thank you


  8. Bangkok must be amazing! I love the striped top you have on! :D

  9. great photos,
    i bet , you shopped many adorable things there

  10. wahhhhhh...suka sama foto2nyaaa..kereeen banget tempatnya...
    emmm,kalau kamu punya aktu luang, jalan2 ya ke blog aku,heee...dan kalau berkenan boleh deh di fllowback sekalian,daaan aku sdh fllow blog kamu loh...hee...
    salam kenal:))

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