Monday, February 25, 2013

Wedding Party

Hey there!

A few days ago my best friend got married. Ahh it's very touching and astonishing as our estimates for these are among my closest friends in college who ended her first marriage. I'd love to catch up.  Amen!
In the event, I am so excited met my old friends. And everything looks so beautiful. I was wearing a dress with color gradations which turned many of my friends praised. They want me to sell it. LOL!

Here it is the photographs that successfully captured:

Me & My BFF ( Momo ) :*

Shoes & Vintage Clutch! Love it


Gradation Dress - ITC
Vintage Chain Clutch - Thrift Store
Gold Net Shoes - Marco Ladies
Ethnic Earing - Acc Store
Vintage Gold Watches - Casio

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Freshbruary ❤‿❤

Hello LOVELY Month ❤‿❤

Has been a while I haven't written in this blog because of my activity is pretty busy. I am very happy to be back again, shedding my style here for all fashionistas :D

Ok it was SATURDATE NIGHT! Me and ma boffie hangout together. Always a pleasure to go with your dear ones, huh?!

This is an outfit that I wore that night:

My Stocking :D

Floral Layered Shirt - D.I.Y
Vintage Sheer Stocking - M2B
Black Chain Necklace - OL Shop
Skinny Belt - The Executive
Brown Bag - Korz
Yellow Platform Shoes - Marie Claire